Change Log


  • Reorganized loader to index tags at the beginning and only load tags at runtime, good call legutierr!
  • Per tag unittesting with the test funciton attribute and added lots more tests to use the new feature
  • Added operator tags to native_tags.contrib.op


  • smart_if tag removed in favor of Django v1.2’s updated if tag.
  • Universal and per-tag caching
  • Bugfixes to numerous contrib packages


  • Filter expressions render correctly
  • math_ and smart_if contrib packages added
  • NATIVE_CONTRIB setting changed to NATIVE_TAGS
  • No more NATIVE_LOAD setting
  • Ability to have custom names for comparison tags (no prepended if_)


  • django-template-tags functionality
  • Auto load tags
  • Parsing with shlex
  • Auto resolve template arguments and keyword arguments
  • function, comparison, block, and filter native tag types

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